A Little Slice of Heaven Bakery’s Pledge to You**
  • We make our cakes to order, from scratch, using time-tested recipes using premium ingredients. They are never frozen.
  • We guarantee that the cakes will arrive fresh.
  • We bake Monday through Thursday, package and ship on the same day via Priority Mail to minimize time in transit.
  • Our cakes will last at least two weeks on the shelf per shelf life test and can be frozen for up to six months.
  • We take great care in the packaging of each cake to ensure it arrives undamaged.

**We guarantee you will be satisfied with your online order from A Little Slice of Heaven Bakery. If you’re not we’ll refund your entire order!

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Red Velvet Mini Bundt Cake with Powdered Sugar - 2 Count


The unique taste of our four-inch red velvet mini bundt cake will melt in your mouth with each delicious bite. Baked fresh from our oven to your doorstep, our red velvet is silky smooth. The powdered sugar gently sprinkled on top melts into the cake, making the perfect addition to finish off this delectable dessert.

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